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Phone: +977 01 4424249 | Company address: Thamel 3022 | Zip Code: 44-600 | City: Kathmandu | Website:

Do you consider climbing in the Himalayas with a small group of climbers? Asian Trekking guarantees you success in climbing the most challenging summits. Sign up for it!

If you are fond of extreme climbing and you have a lot of endurance and determination, Asian Trekking can offer something special for you. Going on Annapurna expedition will be the thing that can accomplish your climbing experience. The summit is one of the most difficult to reach because of very steep route and the risk of avalanche. Annapurna took lots of lives and if you are not afraid, the achievement will outweigh the obstacles.

The above mentioned company has been in operation since 1982 and it helped lots of climbers succeed and make their dreams real. There is some information on the company’s webpage, but if you need to know some more details you can contact the office. It is worth knowing that being aware of the danger the company organizes every expedition on that mountain carefully to avoid any unexpected incidents.


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